Protect Oregon's Natural Beauty

As a native Oregonian and an avid hiker, Teddy cares deeply about keeping Oregon green. He has already helped pass legislation expanding Oregon's landmark Bottle Bill. Teddy has also served on the OLCV Multnomah County Steering Committee, volunteering his time to conservation issues. Teddy also supports tough new standards to prevent dumping of toxins in our rivers while encouraging collaboration between businesses and government to keep our rivers clean.

Promote Sustainable Economic Development

Teddy Keizer will advocate for job creation and sustainable economic growth. In 2008, Teddy co-founded the nonprofit Oregonians for Renewable Energy Progress (OREP).  With years of experience, Teddy has worked to create a stable environment for small, local solar companies. By creating new financing mechanisms for solar installations, there is the potential to create thousands of new family wage jobs right here in Oregon.

As a small business owner of a tutoring company, Orca Tutors, Teddy knows firsthand the concerns of Oregon's small business community. He will work with local businesses to find comprehensive solutions to improve Oregon's economy. Teddy will bring fresh and innovative ideas to the legislature in order to create job growth and economic stability.

Make Health Care More Affordable

We already spend more than enough money to enjoy comprehensive health care for every one of us, but we lose billions in healthcare dollars each year to the administrative cost of private insurance companies. As a legislator, I will advocate for a single statewide system of publicly funded health care in Oregon, where every family would enjoy better care regardless of how poor, sick, or unemployed they might be. We need a health care system that puts money into health care, not administration, allowing all Oregon families to afford the care they need.

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Make our schools a model for the nation

Another top priority for Teddy is rebuilding Portland's public schools. He wants to ensure that all students have the opportunity to access a quality education. This includes decreasing Oregon's class sizes, while also restoring vital art, PE, and music classes that were lost across the state over decades of devastating education cuts. As a legislator, Teddy will also commit to working on lowering the cost of higher education by reinvesting in Oregon's public universities, community colleges, and trade schools.

Ensure that All Oregonians are Treated Equally

All Oregonians, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender deserve to be treated with fairness and respect. This is why Teddy has dedicated his time to volunteer with Basic Rights Oregon to work toward passing Marriage Equality legislation in Oregon. He is a strong supporter of a woman's right to choose and he serves on the board of NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon.

Support Oregon's Middle Class Families

One of Teddy's top priorities if elected to the State House is to create more middle class jobs and ensure that employers maintain healthy working environments. As a past member of two unions, Teddy understands the important role labor play in making healthy, thriving communities. Teddy strongly opposes legislation that would strip workers of their bargaining rights.

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